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"My son was in a state of a mental crisis. He needed immediate help. It was scary to witness his mental and physical health.
I went to and called several clinics, all of them gave me the same answer, it would take 8-12 weeks waiting before his first visit appointment. We did not have that time. He was leaving for college in 4 weeks and the crisis was NOW.
I was so thankful to find Phoenix Mental Health. The doctor was available on my first call. He spent time talking to me about my concerns and observations of my son, he then visited with my son face to face through internet connection in a comfortable setting of his choice (his room). They were able to meet several times, always at a time that worked with my sons full-time job. It was also a relief that he got to keep his same doctor when he moved several states away for school. This was important since he was only 4 weeks into therapy.
I was also impressed with the doctors knowledge of mental health and the medications he prescribed. He took time to explain everything and why he chose the medications and how they work. He made sure my son and I understood when to take them and what side effects if any to look for."

Jillene R.

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Ten minutes prior to your appointment time, please enter the virtual clinic waiting room by clicking the link below. Please make sure that you have followed all of the instructions in the email sent to you at the time of booking. Rest assured your information is kept confidential as all Phoenix Mental Health and Wellness software is HIPPA compliant.
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